About Me

Hi friends,

So here is a little more about me:

I grew up on 5 acres of land in the beautiful bush of Northern NSW and have carried on my love for Mother Natures abundance of fresh fruit & veggies, healthy living, wholesome cooking, exploring the beautiful unknown and immersing myself in culture for personal growth and gaining wonderful new experiences.

I am very passionate about my cruelty-free lifestyle which has been a part of me since birth. So sharing my story of growing up vegan, recipes, new food spots, travel, Yoga, health and wellness is such an incredible way to show just how easy eco, vegan living can be.

From age 8-22 I trained and performed in classical ballet and other dance styles which aided in  discipline, benefited memory, taught team work, coordination and lots more. I competed my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Performance at the Queensland University & attended a Steiner School for most of my primary education years which was a wonderful, creative and nurturing place of learning.

I drifted away from the dance world 4 years ago and discovered the wonders of Yoga which started as a physical practice alone, but has since unfolded into a new way of living more in alignment with my core values and beliefs. I am also working to transition to zero waste / waste free living.

To be continued…


‘Ahimsa’ Peace to all fellow beings on Earth